Case Reports and Testimonials

Following are some case reports and comments from veterinarians that have used Earigant in the treatment of otitis is pets......


1 . "Enclosed please find a letter from a grateful client whose Newfoundland has suffered with chronic, bilateral , antibiotic resistant, Pseudomaonas otitis for years.Earigant has made a dramatic clinical effect on this patients comfort and behavior."

John F. Ouellette DVM, Madison Veterinary Hospital - Madison CT

2. "This practice has prescribed Earigant for the treatment of otitis externa in excess of 150 times. We have used it on both chronic and acute ear infections of various etiologies with generally very favorable results."

Helen Rizzo DVM , Madison Veterinary Hospital - Madison CT

3. "In treating otitis externa with Earigant I have found that it breaks up the ceruminous exudate in the ear, decreasing the amount of cleanings the owners have to do at home"

Alistair S. Chapnick MLAS, DVM Village Animal Clinic Ardsley NY

4."one or two applications of Earigant in the ears usually clears up the worst infections."" Some of the ear infections are quite resistant to other medications."

Ernie L. Vine DVM , Central Veterinary Associates Valley Stream NY

5 "I use earigant for ear infections. It is incredibly effective"

Bernard Pillet DVM, Pillet Animal Hospital Montreal Canada

6 "Our preliminary results with earigant are encouraging especially with ear infections that have cultured for resistant bacteria and yeast"

Anthony F Alario CVA Bayside Animal Clinic , Bayside NY