Earigant SP Otic Solution Study Evaluation Report

To proceed with the Earigant SP clinical evaluation please follow this protocol


1) Establish a diagnosis of otitis by any of these criteria: Clinical signs, Cyolology or Culture

2) If possible photograph the ear/s Pre treatment with a digital camera.

3) Clean the ear using Earigant to wet the ear canal, massage ear and leave 30 seconds then clean out with swab.

If the ear is very irritated a steroid cream can be used after cleaning. Wait approx 5 min before doing Step 4.

4) After cleaning add a few drops of Earigant to the canal and allow to dry in the ear.

5) Continue treatments up to two times daily until healing has occurred. (5-10 days).

The product can be dispensed to the client for use at home.

6) A Post treatment photograph can be taken.

7 Complete the information requested in the Evaluation Form below and click SUBMIT or mail.

8) Please email any Photographs or inquires to me at rejuvenatn@aol.com

(Use the Tab Key to step through the Questions)

1. Doctor.

2 Hospital

3 Address

4 email (optional)

5 Pet's Name

6 Animal Treated Dog Cat / Sex Male Female Neutered

Age Breed

7 Condition Treated

8 Diagnosis was based on Clinical Signs Cytology Culture

9 Antech Accession Numbers

10 Number of Days Earigant was used

11 How often per day was Earigant used Once Twice

12 Response to Earigant Treatment Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

13 If treatment was discontinued explain or please add any comments.

14 If Pre and Post treatment digital photos taken please email the to me at rejuvenatn@aol.com

Thank you for your assistance in participating in this evaluation. If you have any further questions please email me at rejuvenatn@aol.com or call me at (516) 330-2822

Dr Robert Wilkins ,Veterinary Clinical Pathologist

9 Redwood Path, Glen Cove N.Y. 11542